TM SINCGARS ICOM GROUND RADIOS. Used with. Automated Net Control Device (ANCD);. Precision Lightweight GPS. ‘i Ii And all the Greekish girls shall tr’l ing sing,— flrcat. With the first glance that of counsel: Stop my mouth. Tm. And shall, albeit sweet musick issues thence. TM TM TM TM Radio AN/VRCA used with Automated Net Control Device (ANCD)(AN-CYZ).

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Ancd Pc Broadcast Stu 7 Say: Fm DN Page Down This key is used for scrolling and in some cases is required in lieu of up and down arrows.

For detailed procedure, see Figure 4. An advantage of the AK method is that the receiving operator is required to take no action at all. TS Anc The Troubleshooting Guides which follow offer the operator systematic procedures for identifying and eliminating common faults, helping the operator to maintain communications. Selects the radio to be controlled. Configuration information for Manpack and Vehicular systems is provided in Chapter 2. The HUB battery is 6. CDU does not display your position.

See appropriate technical bulletin, TB series. Check for missing controls.

tm 11-5820-890-10-8 sincgars ground icom

Signal strength is greater than LO. On RTF may be used to connect an expansion module. Check for missing antenna parts. Instruct all net members to switch to FH 2 mode. FBCB2 Hardware A term that refers to the various forms of computers used in vehicular radio configurations for data communications during army digitization experiments.


You hear background popping or static You are probably experiencing co-site when receiving, and your operating interference from a friendly radio. PURPOSE The purpose of the control monitor is to enable vehicle crews to operate their radios from positions other than directly at the radios. This display is updated every few seconds for real time position tracking.

Added or revised illustrations and tables are indicated by a vertical bar adjacent to the caption. If needed, either carefully tie down ance antenna or remove the antenna to make sure that you can safely pass under the power line. KEK may be distributed by physical means only. Operators may ignore this key. Go to Step 3 NO: In a typical frequency hopping net which uses the Hot Start net opening procedure, it is not necessary for the anncd to load any SC frequencies, at least until a specific need arises.

Unit level maintenance is required.

For estimated hours of battery life for different uses, see Chapter 8. Change to a longer range antenna. Go to Step 2 2. The procedure is simple. Also, unit scouts may be required to perform retransmission operations. Return to operational channel, and check communications. Vehicular Radio Performance Data Table Up to five time periods hour days may be included in each QREF file. The function of each key is briefly explained below.

This two-wire connection is also called an “orderwire. Each control is described below. Feel free to share, republish, sell and so on.


To move the control into or out of these positions, the operator must pull out on the control knob. See Primary Operator Task 4 for details. To place the control monitor in operation and be assured it is performing properly, follow the steps shown in Figure Hopsets may change at any time because of operational requirements.

Continuous activation of the signal display bar is an indication of enemy jamming or friendly interference. Manpack Radio Components 1 2 5 OR 4 2 6 3 1. HI High Power Provides voice operational range of approximately 5 to 10 kilometers and data transmission range of 1 to 5 kilometers, the latter depending upon data rate BPS as well as the other factors cited under LO above.

In this mode, the NCS radio automatically brings the time of all net radios back into synchronization every time the NCS transmits. Enter sufX and scroll to the SOI item desired. It sends your position with each message. That is the only preparation the operator needs ancx make.


The display will remain active as long as you press a key. See RT front panel graphic for the location of each. Enhanced display Backlight level selectable.