African communities need to have the right to tools to fight HIV, TB and malaria. Malaria is the most dangerous parasitic disease in the world. Deaths caused by malaria have fallen by nearly half since in sub-Saharan Africa but of the. Training local health workers to manage and control malaria and other Amref Health Africa’s approach is always community-based, providing local people.

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Amref Health Africa in Kenya has received Ksh 4. The Malaria grant will support Community Case Management of malaria CCMmincluding diagnosis using malaria Rapid Diagnostic Test kits RDTs and treatment with Artemether Lumefantrine and supporting the community health strategy to fight malaria in lake endemic and epidemic counties.

The EasyScan Go is expected to help healthcare workers mlaria malaria through accurate Plasmodium parasite detection and monitoring during treatment. All they need is access to a computer. A service provided by. In honor ,alaria World Malaria Dayscroll through some of the malaria interventions used throughout amrfe in the battle against this prevalent disease. ReliefWeb Informing humanitarians worldwide.

To address a need for accurate malaria diagnosis, we are pleased to be working with Amref Health Africathe largest Africa-based nonprofit organization delivering health services to over 30 countries on the continent, to provide a new accessible tool for laboratory professionals and health workers: While some populations are equipped to confront the malaria threat, many countries still face significant barriers in both early detection and healthcare provider training and malarai.

Through the TB and Malaria grants, we will reach close to 1 million people with TB and Malaria related information, testing and treatment services. Introduction to malaria and global epidemiology Blood collection, preparation and staining of blood films Blood film examination, including all malaria species and other blood parasites Non-microscopic methods for diagnosing malaria Laboratory quality management systems.


I encourage all Kenyans to utilise health services to improve their health outcomes and quality of life. Read on for a quick overview of all the ways IV Lab and Global Good are working together to make a difference in the fight against malaria.

Intellectual Ventures Develops the First Offline Virtual Malaria Microscopy Training Course

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This in-service eLearning course is available on a standard USB drive, so microscopists can access it regardless of geography or ability to access the Internet.

Tags elearningglobal healthmalaria. In Global Good partnered with microscope industry leader Motic to develop the EasyScan Goan internet-networked, artificially intelligent microscope that automatically scans, identifies and counts malaria parasites. RSS – Subscribe smref information finely tuned to your needs.

And now microscopists across the world can use images from that same library within a self-directed eLearning course incorporating virtual microscopy software provided by PathXL, a leading virtual microscopy development group. Pre-testing was performed in 11 countries across Africa, Asia and South America, and our hope is that through partnerships with organizations like Amref Health Africa, this eLearning tool will make quality malaria services more accessible, no matter where a patient or provider is located.

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Buzz Intellectual Ventures Develops the First Classes are traditionally delivered through in-person re-training courses, which can be difficult to access for health workers mallaria remote, rural areas and technicians in busy laboratories. Amref will continue to work in synergy with the government both at national and county level to realise reduction in the burden of Tuberculosis, malaria and HIV in the country.


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Malaria Archives – Amref Health Africa

Contact Us – Ask questions and suggest improvements. The course is designed to be consistent with WHO standards, and incorporates instructional content in five modules:. Submit Content Share information through ReliefWeb to better inform humanitarians worldwide.

Location Maps – Country maps for malaroa reports and presentations. Tools API – Real-time data stream to power next-generation apps. The course is designed to be consistent with WHO standards, and incorporates instructional content in five modules: There are more than million cases of malaria worldwide every year, with roughly half a million deaths.

Mr Linden Morisson, head of the High Impact Africa Department at the Global Fund, said the funding will allow Kenya to maintain progress so far achieved, further scale-up support to the three diseases and considerably invest in its health system.

Amref receives Ksh billion grant to fight TB and malaria in Kenya – Kenya | ReliefWeb

Through this grant Amref will support key national interventions including finding missing TB cases through engagement of private providers, targeted outreaches using mobile x-ray and GeneXpert, contact screening, tracing of patients who interrupt TB treatment, sputum sample networking, social support for patients with drug resistant TB among others.

Leave this field blank. A service provided by ReliefWeb has malatia the leading online source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters since He added that the grant ajref in changing the lives of Kenyans, by contributing to their health and hence to economic development.