View our feature on Douglas Hulick’s Among has been a member of the Kin for years, rubbing elbows with thieves and murderers in the employ. Drothe is a Nose, an informant who finds and takes care of trouble inside the criminal organization he’s a part of. He also smuggles imperial relics on. An exciting new fantasy debut in the underground world of thieves.

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You were not a fan of either Dune or Ender’s Game! Normally, I’d enjoy this; when I’m relying solely on a protagonist to give me the play-by-play, it also starts to make me feel like I’m living out his adventures with him. However, the amkng far outweigh the negatives, and I dougkas forward to more! A mythical group of Gray Princes secretly pull the strings of said crime lord and all his competition, moving Drothe even farther down the line.

It’s high action stuff, and I rhieves it. This gave the reader an insight into Drothe’s characters and perhaps the human nature in all of us? Instead of looking from the outside in, the reader truly gets to know Drothe and all his motives, seeing how he views the world and the people around him.

Among Thieves is a story of mystery—approaching the feel of a detective novel—and of gritty epic fantasy filled with thieves, assassins, and other figures from the underworld.

Tell me, do I need to make an appointment to try and kill Drothe, or is it simply on a first-come, first-served basis? The book revolves around the main character Drothe, who is complex and likable, if not always very moral.

Apex Magazine Issue 53 by Lynne M.

Douglas Hulick (Author of Among Thieves)

The brief pieces of history relayed by Drothe during the story only serve thiwves further increase this scope. Douglas Hulick rated a book it was ok. Wednesday, March 23, I was almost half way through the book when I realized I was laying it aside and looking for things to do rather than get back to it. I’ve still got two outstanding jobs here, both for friends – one of which is a 50th birthday gift he’ll be 53 this year.


If you love Lynch, Abercrombie, or Polansky then you have to check this out! May 26, Bogdan rated it really liked it Shelves: Inspired by Your Browsing History. April – Among Thieves by Douglas Hulick. I liked getting into the Kin organization, seeing the alliances and cons. Too many things going on at once and too many characters to keep thiieves of made this douglsa very difficult to follow, especially in the beginning when catching and keeping your reader’s attention is so crucial.

Diuglas Thieves is high on my list of books. I’m off now to look for Sworn in Steel.

MartinSteven EriksonR. Copyright Fantasy Book Critic. As a fantasy book It has the potential to go epic please, please, please let me have sequels.

Douglas Hulick: No Tales of the Kin 3 coming

View all 3 comments. At times I even found myself thinking about what move Drothe and I should make next.

Nothing beats a good guy whose really a bad guy or is it the other way around? Right, I get that. I was hupick half way thr Look When Drothe stumbles upon a much bigger mystery At first this book sat in my to read pile for awhile.

Douglas Hulick: No Tales of the Kin 3 coming | SFF Chronicles forums

Given that many people are attracted to very long and complex serials, especially in fantasy, I wonder — very amlng — if we will eventually see more stories being finished by different people to those who started them, if the starting author dies or is too unwell to finish the story. Get into the story though and it is pure entertainment. As you can imagine, he is not very popular.


View all 7 comments. On organic settings, Among Thieves does a great job of bringing you into the world without giving you a geography tgieves.

Also very pleasingly, the women weren’t different – there are women at the highest levels of the Kin, and nobody remarks on it as in any way odd. View all 20 comments. Drothe had more lives then a cat, but unlike Clouseau, who really never knew what was going on Drothe, had a jest and followed the clues where they lead. Setting and characters are somewhat similar to Gentleman bastards but more balance, plausible and ridden of some of melodrama present Lynch’s books.

Heck, we even have material on mounted combat. Half the time I didn’t know what was going on who was who but I think that’s why I liked this book so much very fast paced and allways on the move it didn’t give me time to breath. Again though, the fighting gets in the way of the entire story.

Rate this book Clear rating 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. In fact, it’s just occurred to me that the closest I’ve come to what the Emperor has done view spoiler [i.

Hi Thanks Douglas, I hope the writing is going well! He is a Nose; a sniffer of information, middleman, and two bit smuggler.