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American Wife – Curtis Sittenfeld

Alice is beautiful and bookish, and as sweet as can be. Jul 11, Americann Merriman rated it liked it Recommended to Kate by: How can she both love and fundamentally disagree with her husband? Charlie buys the Brewers, not the Rangers. She was serious and thoughtful, and he would rather crack a joke than offer a real insight; he was the wealthy son of a bastion family of the Republican qmerican, and she was a school librarian and registered Democrat.

And to read it. Curtis Sittenfeld is a wonderful writer. The past election coverage in America is a text book example of it. Conspicuously timed for the presidential change-over, Curtis Sittenfeld’s third novel is a fictionalised portrait based on the now former First Lady, Laura Bush. She simply points her finger towards mundanely complex things we amsrican everyday and never notice.

And of course I admired her for that. Above all, Sittenfeld’s characters forcefully bring ameerican the importance of accepting personal responsibility – whether it’s for her accident or his wifw. View all 6 comments. Early on, I noticed some similarities between Alice Blackwell and view spoiler [Laura Bush hide spoiler ]but it took me nearly about half the book to realize that these were more than mere coincidences.


It may even persuade some to look past a politican’s policies and see that there is a human being behind them, who in the end isn’t really all that different from you or I.

I picked this book up from my local library in a moment of desperation when I had nothing else to read. Instead of always magnifying on Alice, the unabashedly normal Midwestern girl who will remarkably become Suttenfeld Lady of the United States, the story focuses too much on Charlie, her husband and future Leader of the Free World.

That only the major events in each of the book’s four sections accidentally killing a classmate of hers in a car accident during high school, being a librarian and meeting her husband at a BBQ, having a husband who bought a major league baseball team, and being married to the President of the United States are true and everything else is speculation and “what if”s.

Alice is not a Republican, but a liberal who grows up in a humble middle-class home with her mother and grandmother. Actually, the sex is not so mysterious. For this reason it deserves the lowest rating possible.

Despite an effort to vilify Charles George Bush as a hard drinking, lazy misfit Fascination with Laura Bush. A new entry in the venerable tradition of political pornography, in which the pornography, rather than discrediting “a great one” un grandburnishes his title to normalcy.


American Wife

And, yes, I detested much about Charlie. And Ron and Nancy.

American Wife is a sittenreld written novel that weaves class, wealth, race, and the exigencies of fate into a brilliant tapestry—a novel in which the unexpected becomes inevitable, and the pleasures and pain of intimacy and love are laid bare.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Bush inspired this novel a lot ; thus her husband is modeled on the infamous George W. Alice is a woman haunted by amerrican tragic accident and who doesn’t quite understand her own love for the rich, spoiled, smug frat boy she married. Aren’t we all a bit tired of media exploitation? Refresh and try again.

Sep 12, Jennifer rated it really liked it Recommended to Jennifer by: At first I found it more of a pulpy beach read. The Alice Blackwell in these sections is a woman that is wonderfully complex and interesting. And that’s what this is, a scurillous little romp with lame dialogue which adds up to 0 insight into how 2 private persons become intensely powerful, and how they inhabit their power or their poewr inhabits them.

Sittenfeld used to craft this story, but she sure could have fooled me!