The Alexander Lippisch Papers (, n.d.) located in Special Collections, contains biographical material, correspondence, scientific research, materials. Biography. Special Lecturer Alexander Lippisch has been teaching at the University of Akron since He attended the Rochester Institute of Technology. Alexander M. Lippisch, (born Nov. 2, , Munich—died Feb. 11, , Cedar Rapids, Iowa, U.S.), German-American aerodynamicist whose designs of tailless .

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He later recalled that his interest in aviation began with a demonstration conducted by Orville Wright over Tempelhof Field in Berlin in September It was first flown in To subscribe, click here. He was later killed in a separate glider accident in the Rhon competition. Originally published in the July issue of Aviation History. His aviation career plans interrupted by service in the German Army lippiscb World War I, he was finally assigned to work with the Zeppelin Company in The strictures of the Versailles treaty were beginning to ease, and Lippisch was able to lead experiments with powered gliders.

The Delta I was the world’s first [4] lippiscj delta wing aircraft to fly in [5] [6]. Yet his interest was also stirred by the growing fascination with aviation in Europe. The series addressed the amateur viewer, demonstrating the principle of flight through the use of simple models and a smoke wind tunnel.

Carrying the civil registration NV it was successfully ‘flown’ in A believer in the importance of a broad education, Lippisch gave many lectures on the significance and the history of flight.

This successfully demonstrated the technology for what would become the Messerschmitt Me Komet. The first full-scale model was the Collins X, flown ina year after Lippisch retired.

Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of Family tradition induced Alexander to enter art school at Weimar in This aircraft was designated DFS and the development was conducted at the Messerschmitt works in Augsburg.


It was flown for the first time in April under a military contract of the German government. Sadly, the West German government had lost interest in the project, and decided to shelve the Dornier Aerodyne.

The general concept was developed elsewhere as well. Yet Lippisch survived those dark days, employed by Zeppelin but also moving forward in clandestine entrepreneurial efforts with powered aircraft. It was fitted with a Lycoming piston engine driving a shrouded pusher propeller.

Alex Lippisch

A HP Pobjoy motor powered this aircraft. A Letter From Your Pilot: Alexander Martin Lippisch – – http: At first look, the design will leave most people wondering how on earth the engineers managed to get such a bizarrely shaped aircraft off the ground. This seed was essentially an arrow shaped wing, and as others had done before him, Lippisch based his tailless arrow shaped aircraft on this example from nature. The delta wing provided convincing aerodynamic solutions for a wide variety of mission challenges, and also almost inadvertently created beautiful aircraft.

Steinmann, Hagen, Westphalia ; and in he joined the staff of the aerodynamics and design department of the Rhon-Rossittengesellschaft, north of Frankfurt.

Alexander Lippisch – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Lippisch’s Aerodyne design, no operational manned or unmanned craft were built. Later in life, when he was able to embrace the freedom offered him in the United States, he became more open, engaging in lpipisch broad spectrum of engineering challenges.

Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. Its design is the exact opposite of what most of us expect from a machine that will actually lift itself off the ground—bulky, wingless, and with a head that is as twice the girth of its tail. The propulsion system combining high-thrust, fast-burning powder rockets for initial acceleration with lower-thrust, slower-burning rockets to sustain velocity.

XP research led directly to the Convair XF They achieved flight lippsich earlyand this aircraft was the direct ancestor of the Messerschmitt Me Komet. Nonetheless, the deltawing planform in its many variations—tailless, tailed, ogival, etc. Retrieved from ” https: His E 15 tail-less design was of interest as a rocketplane. In he worked with Fritz Stamer, his future brother-in-law, who also became his business partner and served as a test pilot.


Lippisch was born in MunichKingdom of Bavaria. The Me B’s engine had an exhaust temperature of degrees Celsius. Courageous test alexandr Heini Dittmar made the first flights.

Alexander Lippisch

alfxander Unfortunately, Lippisch only produced a glider prototype, the DM-1, before the war ended and the project was shut down. The aircraft was dangerous because of the volatile fuel used for its rocket engine, and its duration of flight was far too short.

This interest resulted in five aircraft, numbered Delta I — Delta V, which were built between and This wingless aircraft was suspended solely by the thrust of its engines and was capable of vertical takeoff and landing. Born inhe built his own glider in and soon was an instructor at Germany’s famous Wasserkuppe flying school. In he was awarded a doctoral degree at the University of Heidelberg.

Cessna May 6, Control was effected by deflecting the slipstream in the desired direction. These types of aircraft never get off the ground so to speak because when the engine fails. Alexznder most notable design in Vienna was the DM-1, a delta-wing glider that ultimately would have led to a ramjet fighter powered by a radical coal-burning engine.

His carefully worked out design of the delta wing led to thousands of beautiful production airplanes from Douglas and Convair, but none of them bore his name. Despite those consultations and the fact he remained as farseeing and inventive as ever, the postwar years did not provide Lippisch with an opportunity to bring many of his ideas to fruition. The ultimate Convair product derived from the DM