*AIMCAT hits the ground today.* *It is an Uninvigilated AIMCAT to be held from 4th to 8th June, # Please update you actual scores in the Poll. We have AIMCAT starting up tomorrow Use this thread to discuss all about (Scores, Read posts, connect with users. (Page 30). F – 00 _RJEZMTU_ Aimcat pdf download -?? CIS – Web Development for Educators CIS HTML Tutorials 3 & 4.

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Reading Comprehension will appear tough if you do not have a reading habit. As you sow, so you reap.

Practising more questions of RC and 13155 jumbles wont suffice?? Be flexible in ur approach to PFQ Question type. There is no maximum cap.

What should be the best approach for preparing for VA? I have a lot of trouble in RC assages That gives you more exposure to the right approaches to solving.

While it is good to know you want to improve economics, you have to first clear the CAT or whichever exam you take. Hi Natarajan, I think you meant introspected instead of retrospected: It is a useful tool to improve your vocab. You might as well go through the chapter yourself and attempt the exercises.

AIMCAT 1315:Discussion Thread

Answered a similar query, plz chk the transcript. Once the initial stage is completed, special workshops on economics would be organized. Thank you in advance.


Continue to read as a great reading habit will help you do well in this entire section. Count the average number of summary Qs that have appeared in CAT over the years This way, you will start thinking aimcag. The point ginni, is that instead of looking for probability, we suggest you prepare for the Q typr.

And attending classes regularly is a good starting point. In case you are unable to understand a concept, do clarify it with the faculty when the topic is done.

Since each aimcat is different in composition and difficulty level, the scores are bound to fluctuate.

F – 00 _RJEZMTU_

Sir, I keep practising quant problems on a regular basis Once you think you have got a hang of it, then attempt the questions from the aimcats held thus far. So it is advisable to do individual Qs at the end. Try to write and speak as correctly as possible. Dear Saurabh, 1 Choose the best R.

Do you mean 20 correct attempts? During the exam, plz concentrate on trying to maximize your score rather than trying to guess a safe score. Once you decide to do a passage, give it your percent concentration and start.

That is always the safest bet. You are not expected to be an expert, but definitely not a novice either.

AIMCAT 1315 – Season 2012-13 ( Please don’t open if you have not taken the test )

Place it in a group of words with similar meanings synonyms. Shubrans, your goal should be give your best in the exam for the simple reason that it is the only thing in your control. VA comprises of a variety aijcat areas on which you are tested, such as vocabulary, parajumbles, paracompletion, RCs, and so on. Most of the verbal questions i attempt result in negative marks,which creates a fear inside me every time i attempt them.


You have Qs for a RC passage so spending 8 min on that is reasonable. Focus on arriving at the answer in minimum steps. Sir, did I start really late? You will only get better with honest and determined preparation. I am not able to make a balance between aimcatt and time taken to solve a question.

Chat Transcript

Was it because you used a long method when there was a shorter method possible or was it that it was actually a difficult question, in which case it would have been prudent to attempt the question at a later stage.

RPS is root, prefix and suffix method. I was not able to even read any of the RC due to shortage of time, rest questions I attempted correctly.