AGIP 7007 0W-30 PDF

Buy Engine oil Agip 0W/30 VW ,, of Kan_str of 1 l Oil for motors in Zaporozhe Ukraine — from Avto Sfera, OOO in catalog Allbiz!. Agip. Agip SAE 0W // Aral. Aral SuperTronic Longlife II Castrol. Castrol SLX Professional Longtec LongLife IISAE 0W Eni S.p.A.. Divisione Refining & Marketing. Via Laurentina , Roma CHARACTERISTICS (TYPICAL FIGURES). AGIP SAE Grade. 0W

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No, the warranty covers against defects of manufacture.

My car VW Passat Variant 1. Turn off email alerts. Find More Posts by TooSlick. I also think that the mentioned Mobil product is probably better than the VW But my real question is that Jetta Wagon,Grey. The first number tells you how well it flows during cold starts. Can I use VW And there’s no oil quality sensor and other related stuff considering Longlife service intervals.


In the event you need to top up the engine oil between services Castrol have a Check 0w-03 Kit containing: All new Volkswagen cars except the Lupo are now manufactured with the LongLife service regime activated and the engine filled with longlife oil. They are all 5W I’d verify the change interval using oil analysis testing, along with the sensor before going to a really long drain interval.


This forum is NOT for the discussion of biodiesel and other alternative fuels. I emailed to an engineer who works at Teboil a Finnish lubricant manufacturer and I asked him some questions considering the specifications and oils.

The 0W viscocity seems to be better in the Finnish winter conditions. The time now is However, longlife oil is more expensive than conventional oil.

Send a private message to Kharon.

AGIP xx–TE | Engine oil AGIP 0W30 5L | purchase online

That is also a reason that I asked you guys these questions. That does not indicate any sort of deficiency or shortcoming though some believe it does for this application. What LongLife Servicing can mean to you. And, I actually do have some of the Motul I just want the very best oil for my PD reguardless of cost.

Refine your search for eni i-sint fe 5w May 21st, The last number only relates to the protection when the engine is at 77007 temp ie 90C.

avip November 29th, I was a little bit confused I am not sure what service regime is best for me. Elf Evolution 0w30 Certifications: Find More Posts by Philip. In most cases a 5w will meet your needs in just about any climate. It’s time for a oil change and I have a question about VW oil specifications.


SAE 5W, 10W or 20W This oil can be used in all gasoline engines and some diesel engines, apart from those referred to under other specifications. Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Generally speaking if you are having severe winters then look for a 0w40, Reason is once the engine reaches operating temp the 0w30 will not protect w0-30 engine as well as the 0w Gonna do exactly that.

Can I longer the oil change intervals?

Oil specifications VW vs. VW – TDIClub Forums

Non TDI related postings will be moved or removed. The engines with flexible service intervals and very long drains all call for SAE 0w grades, rather than 5w I just want the best for the engine in rough Finnish winter conditions. Page 2 of 2.