II ADNOC HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT A Library of HSE Systems , Programs and Procedures will be maintained by. ADNOC E&S Division. HSE Manual Description. VIKING Emergency Training Drills. VIKING Planned Equipment and Facilities Controls. ADNOC 10 Golden Rules of Safety (GOLDEN RULES OF work activities in line with requirements of respective HSE procedures & manuals.

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Work must therefore be planned so that personnel do not work offshore for long periods without being allowed break time onshore.

ADNOC 10 Golden Rules of Safety Pages 1 – 21 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Is there a Safety Improvement Plan in adnkc and a procedure for ensuring that HSE matters and recommendations from previous contracts and accident investigations are considered, implemented and included as appropriate in HSE manuals. Only vessels complying fully with all aspects such as number of reference systems, levels of redundancy, crew competence etc.

Closed bell diver certificates 1. This must identify the actions of the Diving Contractor and other personnel, and the provision of specific equipment, such as locators [Ref. It may be problematic for some Group Companies to maintain such expertise e. The lifting and lowering winch must be rated by the manufacturer for a safe working load at least equal to the weight of the deployment device plus divers in air plus any additional components.

Are diving related, or any other accidents and incidents, reported in an manula format and records kept? To allow for these breaks, the Diving Contractor must ensure that the planned work either has natural breaks for example, during periods of strong tide or that qualified and experienced personnel are available to act as relievers during breaks.


Additionally the other limitations qdnoc the use of Scuba, small boats, environmental conditions and manuwl facilities may also apply. However, from international statistics it is apparent that the number of serious diving related accidents has been higher in shallower waters i.

ADNOC 10 Golden Rules of Safety

Recommendations are available concerning the adnooc equipment needed [Ref. Diving Supervisors can only supervise as much of a diving operation as they can personally control both during routine operations and if an emergency should occur. Canadian Category 2 Diver. It is the responsibility of the Diving Contractor to make arrangements, before any diving operation commences, with a suitably qualified and experienced doctor such that medical advice and treatment is available at any time to the diving personnel offshore.

The exact design of such equipment and its method of deployment will depend on the facilities available, the number of divers to be evacuated, the location of the worksite, etc.

Diving Contractors must prepare and authorize the use of such checklists as part of the planning for diving projects. Are Diving Supervisors IMCA certified or equivalent and do their log books verify the required familiarization of the Contractors diving rules, emergency and contingency plans has been conducted?

These markings must be provided in English and Arabic. Name the Doctor and his base. PERSONNEL This section refers to the number of divers and support personnel, their grades, competence and qualifications, and their ability to run the planned dive safely, including carrying out contingency and emergency plans.

All divers at work must hold a diving qualification suitable for the work they intend to do.

A supply of spare gas will be carried on the wet bell. Alternative design factors may be considered if based on detailed analysis, such as computer modelling of support ship motions, hss. Poor visibility can alter the effectiveness of the operation. The dive plan must state that internal doors, i. The company in control is called the Diving Contractor. Procedures have been developed for majual safe use of electricity under water, and any equipment used in a diving operation must comply with this guidance [Ref.


It is the responsibility of every hde to ensure that each diving system is supplied with the necessary documentation including at least the following: Currents vary with location and surface currents can be quickly affected by wind direction.

Canadian Category 3 Diver.

Repetitive diving shall only be allowed if the Diving Contractor has its own approved operating procedures that comply with US Navy USN repetitive dive tables or any other approved decompression tables. PURPOSE This Code of Practice will provide all persons within ADNOC and Group Companies, directly or indirectly concerned with diving operations, with adjoc necessary information to ensure that diving operations are conducted to the highest possible safety standards, taking into account all reasonably foreseeable circumstances.

HSE Surface Supplied with offshore top up. A dive plan that includes the use of such units must therefore also include safe acnoc procedures that are to be followed.

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Clearly the issue of competence is more subjective and the Diving Contractor needs to consider the operations being planned and the competence of any individual being considered for appointment as a Supervisor. For surface supplied diving, the standby diver must remain on the surface.

The presence of man-made and natural petroleum products around oil fields can cloud optical lenses and may damage plastic materials.