New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh weaves a sensuous spell of romance that brings together the unlikeliest pair of lovers in the unlikeliest. Read “A Precious Jewel” by Mary Balogh with Rakuten Kobo. BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Mary Balogh’s The Secret Mistress. “A Precious Jewel,” by Mary Balogh. The Chick: Priscilla “Priss” Wentworth. When the deaths of her father and brother left her destitute, she fled.

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Plain mid-blue curtains were looped back from the bed, which was turned down neatly, ready for use, to reveal crisp white bedsheets and pillowcases. Nov 24, Pages. Stay in Touch Sign up. He was indeed a creature of habit—he had told the truth in saying that. Uewel hero is not a wealthy duke, but a middling sort of gentleman. He never even asked her last name. Don’t have a Kindle? And how lovely it is to see all the spring flowers in bloom when one steps out of doors.

Would you care to see her precoius of Sonia for this evening, Sir Gerald? Share your thoughts with other customers.


Mary Balogh: A Precious Jewel – Regency Reader

Let’s say that this is a 4. Trivia About A Precious Jewel Jun 30, Readdiction rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Inspired by Your Browsing History. I think a lot of people will q reading this. Okay, so I’m a weirdo. Aug 02, MashJ rated it it was amazing.

Desert Isle Keeper

It was pretty and comfortable without in any way being either fussy or oversensuous. Books by Mary Balogh. One of the most boring romances Ive ever read. Gerald is just staid, dull, and stupid in compari This book was a nice, sweet preciosu.

Her legs were slim, her stomach flat. He was very much a beta male; at times, even an omega male.

Description Once Miss Priscilla Wentworth had been a well-bred young lady. Feb 10, Madeline Hunter rated it it was amazing Shelves: At times, the interactions between the characters made me want to throttle them both at how they treated each other, but those interactions are what made the plot work so well in showing the insecurities and the growth.

Finally, not being able to bear watching her be abused by other men, he asks her to come under his protection by becoming his mistress. I liked that the hero wasn’t charismatic or perfect. I thought you would once you had seen Prissy.


This review is my honest opinion. View all 5 comments. Why sometimes she even enjoys the bedding. My inner feminist had some issues, but I beat her unconscious with a copy of Edna St. And him with her because he was too afraid to go for anyone else that might not be heavily damaged and unable to choose elsewhere. It’s ok, though I really would have wanted a story for himself. He was absolutely NOT hero material and did very little to take care of Prissy.

Her reluctance stems from her refusal to hope for something more. Mary B has a reputation for tackling difficult situations and realistic conflicts. Allow me to sing its praises first.