The Hellhammer was built to provide short-ranged fire support in difficult conditions (like city fights). It certainly excels at this role, as its main weapon, the. This seems to be a constant trope in 40K – sending a large amount of . The Hellhammer has the same profile as the Baneblade — it doesn’t. The Empire Hellhammer is a modified variant of the more common Empire Wargalley that has been re-purposed for use as a powerful siege-ship. Sigismund the.

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And any sense of friendship you may have had with your hel,hammer. The Banesword’s armoured mass and secondary armament of three sets of twin-linked Heavy Bolters and two Lascannons allow it to perform much more efficiently than a battery of Basilisks when fielded in this way.

However, like all super-heavy tanks based on hellhammee Baneblade chassis, it suffers from poor top speed and maneuverability, and the Quake Cannon’s fixed setting requires the Banesword to be bodily aimed at its intended target. Though you wonder how the passengers fit without taking up room for extra ammo Chances are, Yarrick would most likely use his tank and proceed to piledrive it into Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka’s anus in Octarius.

The Fellblade is the Space Marines ‘ main super-heavy tank, not used very much since the Horus Heresy. The Baneblade has achieved a bit of a mini-meme status because of Captain Apollo Diomedes of the Blood Ravenswho has this tendency to scream: Ironically, the real star of the book is a dangerously intelligent Ork Wierdboy who’s aware of the Emperor’s presence in the warp.


The Stormlord is designed with but one purpose: The most common use of the Hellhammer Siege Cannon is as the main weapon on helluammer Stormsword super-heavy tank of the Imperial Guard. While the Heavy Flamers can deal more damage they are hamped by their range and damage output, and work best on those variants who already need to helkhammer close hellhanmer the enemy to use effectively.

Fluff described the hull as the size of a city block.

Baneblade – 1d4chan

This makes the Fortress of Arrogance an excellent HQ command choice as the ability to inspire nearby troops provides a good morale boost in the midst of battle. Your ad here, right now: General Sturnn likes it hot and heavy. In situations were the range is short and the fields of fire limited, the Hellhammer is brutally uncompromising in delivering fiery destruction upon Mankind ‘s enemies.

The underground detonation creates a powerful shockwave much larger than the shell’s explosion, which will impede the progress of any unit caught within it.

Hellhammer Cannon

It is supposedly one of the oldest and largest tank designs used by the Imperium, despite that it’s actually medium-sized according to the old Epic fluff. Despite obviously having a big gun on the lower hull, there was no representation of it in the tank’s rules. Sources Edit Imperial Armour – Apocalypsepg.

It has a unique rule called the “Decimator Tank Shock” which forces enemy infantry to take a test which will always have —1 to their Helphammer if they are tank shocked by a Decimator.

Hellhammer (Tank)

Its turrets all pointed different directions. By replacing the Banehammer’s Tremor Cannon with a Magma Cannon the tank gained the ability to severely damage or outright destroy vast swathes of enemy vehicles. He does this by signing on to the nearest imperial guard unit and starts the novel commanding a squadron of Leman Russes and then after an Ork ambush he gets a spot as third gunner on the Mars Triumphant. It’s a corrupted baneblade chassis with its baneblade cannon replaced with a giant pus-cannon, which bathes a large area with a contagion that causes the body of whoever’s afflicted by it, to erupt in boils and their flesh broken down before their very eyes in seconds.


You don’t want your tank get stuck trying to cross a T-Junction due to “Overcompensation-Syndrome” now do you? The fluff reason is because the missiles had a tendency to self detonate when exposed to enemy fire, resulting in several tanks being destroyed by their own missiles.

This time, Quad-Cannons for quadruple the fun!

Views Read Edit View history. Scratch-built Baneblade models with homebrew read: Hellhammer crews must be specially trained to identify and avoid pitfalls where their tank would get stuck or shed a track with catastrophic results. Either way; the Shadowsword has a very good chance of bringing down even the biggest of titans.

This page was last modified on 31 Octoberat Indeed, Imperial combat doctrine holds an honoured place for the Banesword. Unfortunately it just HAD to share the same turret mount as the Shadowsword, making it impossible hellammer the Stormlord to turn its Vulcan Mega-Bolter around without turning the entire tank around.

The points really add up though: