Download Corvette Owners User Manual C6 Chevrolet Corvette: Image Gallery & Pictures. Chevy Chevrolet Corvette Owners Manual [Chevrolet] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. oem. Corvette Owner’s Manual with Leatherette Case. including Corvette Pen. Corvette Map Light. Corvette Sticky Note Pad. The ball point pen is marked.

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Additionally, acid corrosion will need to be removed from the frame and the frame repainted to avoid further damage as a result of prolonged exposure to natural elements. You or others could be injured and property could be damaged. Brake Fluid Cap Cover.

The OEM rubber bushings on the Corvette manual shifter boxes mount often fail after only a few thousand miles. Only the newer manuql bezels and plugs are available through General Motors and both are compatible with all years of the C5 Corvette. At least every spring, use plain water to flush any corrosive materials from the underbody.

This thinner windshield would provide a weight savings of 2. Transmission was working prior to pulling it out of the car.

Chevrolet Corvette Owners Manuals

Perhaps because the coupe and convertible had already been refined during the first several years of its production run, the evolution of the C5 line as a whole now seemed to be centered around advances being made around the Z06 — and it was a decision that GM was certain would pay off. Among these was the introduction of revised rear-shock damper valving which provided improved handling on the track and produced less rigid handling during normal driving conditions.

Chevrolet did decide to corette the formerly-optional Heads-Up-Display onwers on all Z06 Corvettes. The starter should work only when the clutch is pushed down all the way to the floor. Covers Corveyte models of the C-5 Corvette. Enter the Sting Ray. A dielectric or petroleum based grease is recommended and will doubly protect the weatherstrip ownerd keeping it from drying out. If a leak occurs, take the vehicle to oaners Chevrolet dealership service department and have it repaired as soon as possible.

  AR 750-35 PDF

Never drive your vehicle more than 10, miles 16 km or 12 months whichever occurs first without an oil change.

REAL BOOK pages with over photos about how to upgrade your C5 Corvette with sections on basic bolt-on as well as more sophisticated performance modifications for engine, suspension, Covers C5 Corvettes From Mar 28, Nhtsa Campaign Id Number: Despite the foreign nature of the sound, It is completely normal.

Replace blade inserts that appear worn or damaged or that streak or miss areas of the windshield. Lighter-weight cast-aluminum stabilizer links which replaced the previously used rolled rod steel links were introduced as a weight saving measure. Cassette Deck Service if so equipped: Inspect the complete exhaust system. Change automatic transmission fluid and filter if the vehicle is mainly driven under one or more of these conditions:. All engines are stamped or laser etched with a partial vehicle identification number VINwhich was derived from the complete VIN.

Apr 05, Nhtsa Campaign Id Number: See Figure 7 above. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. You may need to have your brakes inspected more often if your driving habits cirvette conditions result in frequent braking.

In some instances, running a fuel system cleaner through the gas tank has been known to resolve this issue. Take care to clean thoroughly any areas where mud and other debris can collect. About C5 Corvette Manuals Shop the extensive inventory of motors, parts, and accessories including Chevrolet Corvette complete engines!


Look for any other loose or damaged safety belt system parts. Drain, flush and refill the cooling system or every 60 months since last service, whichever occurs first.

Chevrolet Corvette Owners Manuals | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

To withstand the additional engine torque, the Z06 received a redesigned clutch. At present, this is the only known method to resolve this issue.

This issue can be repaired, but is not currently identified as an actual issue with General Motors. Later that season, Corvette would dominate its class in the 24 Hours of LeMans vorvette its second straight year, completing laps around the legendary race circuit. The system will show you when to change the oil — usually between 3, miles 5, km and 10, miles 16, km since your last oil change.

C5 Corvette Manual | eBay

Check the axle and repair it if needed. Power Steering Fluid Cap Cover. Be prepared to apply the parking brake immediately if the vehicle begins to move. Of course, producing the level of power that the new LS6 equipped Z06 was now capable of would require modifications to other areas of the car. The Z06 had become the primary focal point for most of the engineering advances made to the Corvette in corvrtte Manual Transmission and Carrier removed from a Cogvette Corvette with fire damage and unknown miles.

Old-style headlight bezel plugs, which conceal the bezel mounting hardware, have a tendency to fall off of older C5 Corvettes.