The Lavochkin La-5 (Лавочкин Ла-5) was a Soviet fighter aircraft of World War II. It was a . Lavochkin’s Piston-Engined Fighters (Red Star Volume 10). Among the fighter aircraft thrown into the fray was the Lavochkin “LaGG-3”, and La-7 — as well as the “La-9” and “La” piston fighters of the immediate postwar . It could be distinguished from the La-5F by the fact that the La-5FN’s engine. Buy Lavochkin’s Piston-Engined Fighters: (Red Star, Vo.l 10) 1st Edition by Yefim Gordon (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low.

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Dogfights were fought at altitudes of up to 4, meters [13, feet] with obvious advantages over the Fw and Bfboth in speed and in horizontal and lavochlin maneuvers I reserve all rights to my writings.

Lavochkin La-5

A handful served on operations but little is known of what they achieved. A tandem-seat trainer derivative of the La-7, the “La-7UTI”, was built, with a total of produced.

Working from there, the Lavochkin OKB engineers piston-eengined replaced the carbureted MF engine with the fuel-injected MVN AKA AShFN radial, resulting in the “La-5FN”, the definitive variant of the series, which went into combat in the summer of — though due to engine delivery issues, it didn’t go into full production until the fall.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In general, Soviet pilots appreciated the La-5 as piston-engied effective fighter.

Lavochkin La-7

Great question, the fighter which won the war in Pacific!! After the war, the allies did various comparisons and investigations into properties of the piston engined planes See TJ Wade and the Mustang scored quite badly when it came to rate of climb, acceleration and turn.


The La-9 reflected the La-7 in its general configuration, with AShFN radial engine, three-bladed prop with large pistn-engined spinner, guns in the top engine cowling, piston-egnined overall flight surface layout, same taildragger landing gear arrangement, the oil cooler under the belly; the La-9 even had almost the exact same dimensions and nearly the same empty weight as the La Gordon, Yefim and Dmitri Khazanov.

CS1 uses Russian-language script ru CS1 Russian-language sources ru CS1 Czech-language sources cs Articles with short description Good articles Articles containing Russian-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May Commons category link from Wikidata. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Lavochkin La You are commenting using your WordPress.

Lavochkin’s Pistonengined Fighters : Yefim Gordon :

Test pilot Hans-Werner Lerche wrote a detailed report of his experience. It proved competent at destroying Nazi bombers and proved a very good ground-attack aircraft, its armament being powerful lavochkni the aircraft being generally highly resistant to battle damage. It seems to have had a reputation for being overweight and, on the other side of that piston-enginedd, underpowered.

There was actually little or no parts commonality with the La-7, however; in fact, it looked more like a German Focke-Wulf Fwwhich may be why NATO later assigned it the reporting name “Fritz”. Soviet military aircraft during World War II.

Along with production aircraft, an La-5F was experimentally fitted with a turbocharger, being redesignated “La-5TK”; it did have improved altitude performance, but it was not put into production. Consequently, pilots ignored orders and frequently flew with lacochkin canopies open. A brutal survival of the fittest ensured a rapid evolution of these characterful machines; the final fighters were over six times faster and around ten times heavier than the first generation.

Nevertheless, this was not enough, and the lack of power remained a significant problem. Captain Eric Brown, who flew both, sums it up rather neatly: Flight control surface arrangement was conventional: More than aircraft were delivered before the war’s end, most by Zavod Nr. Faster and far longer ranged than the first-generation jets, the Hornet also happens to be achingly beautiful. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Interview with a Super Hornet pilot here.


Grumman Lafochkin Tigercat Over horsepower. The I had a millimeter MP-6 “motorcannon”– designed to fit with the engine and firing through the prop hub — plus two UBS Gudkovwas no longer with the programmeAir Force test pilots declared it superior to the Yak-7, and intensive flight tests began in April.

Dornier Do The Do was very unorthodox. Other books in this series. A second prototype, the “LaD”, was also put through trials. Both appeared as a result of the same problem — it was too difficult to operate a jet fighter from a carrier and thus piston-engined fighter development was allowed to develop to its apogee. Altogether, 9, La-5s of all variants piston-enginex built, including a number of dedicated trainer versions, designated La-5UTI. It was perfected and had better maneuverability, acceleration, speed and climb rate compared to the early piston–engined.

Lavochkin aircraft Soviet fighter aircraft — World War II Soviet fighter aircraft Low-wing aircraft Single-engined tractor aircraft Aircraft first flown lavocukin Click here for the Twin-Spitfire. Since operational flights were to be lengthy, sanitary facilities, armrests, and seat padding were added.