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Ergonomic sport design, extra light, antiscratch and anti-mist visor, side protection according to EN standard, class F visor, sun filter according to EN standard, with head band. Protective overall with hood, impermeable protective layer, sealed normg, self adhesive zipper flap and elastic wrists and legs. This material is glossy, antibacterial, is characterized by high absorbency, its maintenance is easy and is fast-drying in comparison with cotton.

We do spend a lot of time at work and correctly chosen work clothes will make this time much more pleasant.

erva kompletn katalog

The resistance level against water pressure is measured with a 10 cm glass cylinder in diameter filled with water. Ladies reversible thermoinsulated vest. Spectacles with polycarbonate visor, lenght adjustable temples, sport design, antiscratch and antifog visor, class F, optical class 1 – EN – protection against low energy impact, yellow visor kuchaso UV filter – ENgray visor with sunglare filter – EN Overall belongs to CE III category, type 5 and 6, is chemical proof and protective against radioactive elements.

Zpstupuj se nm speciln materily, kter vminulosti pouvala vhradn NASA, ppadn jin zce specializovan organizace. Compatible with 3M respirators, range Panoramic shape, visor attached by rubber band. If you are looking for the instruction manual: Reflective and water resistant jacket with high visibility according to standard EN3M reflective stripes, removable sleeves, elastic waist, sealed seams, water proofness of class 3 according to standard EN and steam permeability of class 1 according to standard EN Work farm shoes with rubber oil resistant outer sole and leather upper.


Our kucgask has responded to customer demand and brings a fresh collection of work clothes MAX on the market. Zornk polykarbont HC-AF, rm edo-oranov.

erva kompletn katalog

Ztohoto dvodu nkter varianty bezpenostnch brl na prvn pohled od tch sportovnch nerozeznte. Flameproof and antistatic fleece jacket with elastic sleeves. Pants with reinforced back pockets and knees with possibility to insert nomry protectors. Forestry jacket without cut protection, reflective colour, extended back tail, back ventilation, overlaid zipper and kuchassk cuffs. Antistatic waterproof overall Tychem F DuPont with hood, sealed seams, resistant against concentrated inorganic and organic chemicals and ultra fine particles, belongs to category III, type 3 and 4.

Stupe odolnosti norny tlaku vody se m tak, e se na materil pilo sklenn vlec o prmru 10 cm naplnn vodou. Latex is a white liquid created in the saps of some plants rubber plantit dries quickly when in contact with air, it is also possible to make it synthetically.

Potebujete-li chrnit obliej cel, vyberte si ze irok nabdky tt. Vest with pockets and quilted lining. Overall with multifunctional pockets.

FAGOR CFI-4GLSTABUT Hob download user guide for free – AB9D |

Respirators are provided with or without a valve. Modern Denim type work pants with multifunctional pockets, reinforced hems and knees with the possibility to insert knee protectors. EVA Etylenvinylacett je lehk pnov materil, podle obsahu vinylacettu se mn jeho charakter a vlastnosti.

In recent times with the development of more and more material innovations together with new processing technologies and special materials that are now accessible to us and only previously used exclusively by specialized organisations like NASA and others it is not so extraordinary that you can now find socks with added silverT-shirts made from nanofibres or UV filter qualities iuchask shops.


Jacket, pants, vest normmy shorts reinforced at exposed areas with multifunctional pockets. Suspended solids are from 10 nm to m in size which corresponds with clusters of several molecules to particles so unsubstantial that cannot easily flutter in atmosphere. Ladies work pants with pockets. Extremely flexible PC visor, class 1F, flexible temples.

Axe du robinet Fig. Available in 3 variants: Lightweight T-shirt with short sleeve. Ladies long sleeve work cloak. NR Zkratka pro znovu nepouiteln. Prodynosti vrazn napomh odvtrvn nap. Pi vbru sprvn pracovn obuvi nehlete pouze na znaku, kter je nromy urit mry zrukou oekvan kvality, ale zamte se pedevm na el a prosted, ve kterm budete obuv pouvat. Spectacles with tinted yellow, smoke and clear PC visor, black blue temples with adjustable length and angle, black blue semirimmless mount, ergonomic design, extra light, soft nose bridge, antiscratch, antifog and antistatic visor of class F, easily replaceable, protective filter for UV-A radiation, partially UV-B and Kuchadk, side protection according to EN standard.

Rain overall with foldaway hood, overlaid kuchsak, fused sealed seams, elastic back, sleeve cuffs and adjustable leg length. Latest Sports Styling with co-polymer grip sidearms. Visor polycarbonate HC-AF, grey-orange frame. Versatile, lightweight spectacles suitable for all types of mechanical work, for drivers, welders, etc. Ladies kuchaek mens steam permeable and waterproof softshell jacket with 3 outer pockets and sealed seams.

U jednotlivch kapes je nzvoslovn dleit kapsov kraj, kter pedstavuje jednu stranu kapsovho otvoru sahajc od jednoho kapsovho koutku ke druhmu.