Here’s another incredible fold of Satoshi Kamiya’s Ancient Dragon and the photo shows off a very different view and details that you don’t. Picture of an origami ancient dragon folded from double tissue, back view; Designed by Satoshi Kamiya; Folded by Sara Adams;. Picture of an origami ancient dragon, front view; Designed and folded by Satoshi Kamiya; Seen at the British Origami Society Convention.

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It might not be the tidiest fold, but I am still happy that I managed to complete it this time round. Ah, it’s been some time since I folded this. For example, I find Robert Lang’s ans Kamiya-san’s diagrams to be amongst the clearest. By the way the paper was very, very big. Thank you so much! I’d rank it on my scale as super-complex. You need thin, but strong paper to get a nice result. Have you folded the ancient dragon?

Where can you get tissue foil? Please buy the book if you’d like to get access to the diagrams.


Will Nicholas Terry Tissue Foil 60cm by 60cm work for this origami I would appreciate it if you answered my question. Sorry if I make many mistakes but here in Bolivia English is not the official language. Leave this field blank.

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Ancient Dragon (Satoshi Kamiya): First Fold (Back View)

Did you just say Satoshi plans satishi make Phoenix diagrams? Actually tissue foil paper is awesome for this type of origami,also Kamiya took a picture of this fold using the tissue foil paper.

I’ve been searching for two weeks how long this kid in class said it took him to make it!!! Skip to main content. More importantly, though, I will not be presenting any of Satoshi Kamiya’s work in satoshk videos.

I’d tried it with some other paper before and failed miserably. Lines and paragraphs break automatically.

Antique Dragon (Satoshi Kamiya)

There’s a link above the picture that points to a page where you can buy the book: I’m not sure where you can get it. Hope that helped, if anyone else hasn’t helped you.

Here in Bolivia I didn’t find somebody who knows about this. By the way, tissue paper is probably not the best choice of paper for the ancient dragon. Not forAncient dragon but if its short enough can you do john montrolls three headed dragon? Leave this field blank. But in step 24 i have a problem i don’t no how it will go can you help me? And indeed I succeeded in completing the model. The phoenix is not one of them. I don’t have spray glue so is there any other glue which I can use to create tissue foil???


If it’s thin enough, it should work well. John Monroll doesnt give permission for his models, believe me ive tried.

I think it looks awsome. I was wondering if you think I could use gift-wrapping paper to make this model. As to tips to these steps, I fear I don’t have the book with me. My gut feeling tells me double tissue would probably work better.