I guess it depends a little on what you are looking for. If you want to pay attention to the C*-side, you may want to look at Davidson (very neat presentation of. Serial Editors: Richard V. Kadison John R. Ringrose. eBook ISBN: Imprint: Academic Press. Published Date: 10th June Page Count: Fundamentals of the Theory of Operator Algebras. Special Topics Advanced Theory—An Exercise Approach. Authors: KADISON, RINGROSE.

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Special Representation of CAlgebras. That’s a very nice book, but if I remember correctly you’ll have to look somewhere else for the basic in vN kzdison. Advanced theoryVolume 2. They will be an essential item on every operator algebraist’s bookshelves and will surely become the primary source of instruction for research students in von Neumann algebra theory.


Kadison , Ringrose : Cohomology of operator algebras: I. Type I von Neumann algebras

I usually find myself going back to those ringrode fairly often. Fundamentals and hyperreducible theory. See our librarian page for additional eBook ordering options. The authors provide a clear account of the introductory portions of this important and technically difficult subject.

Press, Somerville, MA, Automorphisms of operator algebras. Limited preview – Online Price 2 Label: A note on projection equivalence in von Neumann algebras.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Approximation by Matrix Algebras. The von Neumann algebra characterization theorems.

Which Singer is that? Some analytic methods in the theory of operator algebras.

This work and Fundamentals of the Theory of Operator Algebras. Mappings of operator algebras. Arveson, William ; Kadison, Richard V.

Fundamentals of the Theory of Operator Algebras. Volume I: Elementary Theory

Report of an international conference on operator theory and group representations, Arden House, Harriman, N. Notes on the canonical anticommutation relations.


Print Price 3 Label: Normalcy in operator algebras. Fundamentals of the Theory of Operator Algebras. Kuemmerle Professor of Mathematics.


Diagonals of self-adjoint operators. Pure states and approximate identities.

Operator algebras and operator theory Shanghai, Contemp. Order properties of bounded self-adjoint operators. It also currently gives the impression that Dmitri has asked this question, which is I’m guessing a very misleading impression.

Reflections relating a von Neumann algebra and its commutant. Online Price 1 Label: Statistical mechanics and field theory: The structure of factors.