KID1 or. The russian types are either or , high serial numbers are , I also have some data- sheets for the different types. how a Russian KID1 () BCD-Decimal decoder or a 74HC 8-bit You can. Simplifies driving Nixie tubes. Brand new Russian ICs, U.S. equivalents with overrange digit blanking. ENGLISH DATASHEET: DATASHEET PAGE 1.

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74141 / K155ID1/ K1551 Nixie Driver IC

That helps explain the “why” of how they work. Have a look on Don’s web site http: That chip’s output transistors can’t tolerate a voltage much higher than that. There is still room for improvement, especially with the sensor mounting, but for now, [badjer1] seems pretty happy with the result. What’s the purpose of the anode resistor? Search Only Within This Topic. No contracts, No fees, No Kidding! What’s the cathode voltage when switched off? Do not post about something just because it contains ‘electronics’.

I’ll chime in with my 2 cents. Truth Table for the, A and B Chip.

/ KID1/ K Nixie Driver IC – £ – PV Electronics

Well that is a close one on this uC. Welcome dataheet Reddit, the front page of the internet. Your question reminds me of the PhD student who went to the exam and was asked “why is the sky Blue” – it can be answered on so many different levels. One Nixie Digits and Dot: K155i1d the code is extremely optimized you may run into problems and if you’re running The V plus tube and resistors with the voltage dividers make it possible to detect a too high leakage current in case the IC is defective.


Crosscheck the recommended values. As an aside, it’s worth noting that the leading SN is just something that Texas Instruments puts on their parts as a kind of manufacturer’s code; an SN74xx and 74xx are the same part. Truth Table for theand A Chip.

I gues there are more sensible ways to switch NIXIs. Problem are the voltages. I had to change my circuit to this second revision, that works with a ZM. But, what I notice a lot about newbies, are analog side issues.

The russian types have high “off” voltage approx Vso the efficiency is much better, and the “Blue Spot” problem can not occur e.

I got many hints from the Neonixies Gang that in some cases a defective may leak at the outputs. My friend did the coding this time had little time A million thanks to ya. Looks usable but it’s not really cheap.

When using a more modern controller running with 3. I’ve read with interest your post on driving the cathodes in various ways.

Any other shift register will be fine too, I used what I had available. SN stands for ‘semiconductor network’, a TI name for the IC that seems to have replaced ‘solid datashert and a prefix that they still use today.


Datashret do appreciate the help though, I’ve learned a deal here. I also have russian types and “unknown” of which I have no idea if they are or I sat down and sketched a “super simple” driver- testing circuit to test them all. Lets use a shift register. Do you meet all criteria? You can also clock in 8 zeros.

When [badjer1] [Chris Muncy] got his hands on an old synchroscope which had seen better days at a nuclear power plant control room, he decided to use it as the enclosure for a long-pending plan to build a Nixie Tube project. The Synchroscope is an interesting power plant instrument which doubles up as two devices in one.

Other than the funky enclosure, most of the electronics are assembled from off-the-shelf modules. And, Mouser has them in fair supply, unlike a which are more and more hard to come by; Truth table as follows: I never took used for my project, so I haven’t thought about that this also can happen.

Please don’t ask me for chips. The button switch switches between the different test modes I’ll explain later and finally the 3 LEDs show the test results.