Ixia Tcl. Development Guide. Release Part No. Rev B This guide provides a description of the Ixia’s Tcl Command Library. Contribute to ixiacom/ixnetwork-api-tcl development by creating an account For general language documentation of IxNetwork API see the Low Level API Guide and the IxNetwork API Help. This will require a login to Ixia Support web page. Contribute to andymg/scripts development by creating an account on GitHub. scripts/tcl/dvt_auto_old/manual/scripts docs/Automated Testing IXIA API User.

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A description of available statistics. Ixia assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies that may appear in this book.

TCl Development Guide – Documents

Refer to bgp4Server on page for an overview of this command. After installing the Tcl Client on the workstation, the Tcl package can be loaded by launching the Tcl Shell double-clicking the Wish Console icon on the Desktop and typing in the following command: Discussions of Tcl commands can be found in: When not enabled, each router will advertise the route range as is.


The characteristics of the generated streams are: F-4 Serial Port Characteristics. Appendix B uxia Utility Commands.

Tcl scripting allows automation of testing procedures when tens to thousands of ports are involved.

Configurations can be sent to the hardware and various programs can be created and executed on the system. See the discussion under fromPacking above.

t Cl Development Guide

Liferay Portal 4 – Theme Development Guide. Operation on a Windows Client.

F-6 Statistics Mode Selection. Explains the conceptual model behind the Ixia hardware, so that the APIs functions and features can be completely understood.

Using this, the basic flow of programming and operation can be viewed. We Need Your Support.

TCl Development Guide

To the running of this website, we need your help to support us. Embed TCl Development Guide. Ixia and its licensors retain all ownership rights to the IXIAand hardware and software and its documentation. Custom applications or test scripts can be written using Ixia’s Tcl Command Library. Thus, even the most complex systems can be tested thoroughly and cost-effectively.

We are nonprofit website to share and download documents. The appendices should be used for reference. Packet Format for Sequence Checking. Change these in the source file as necessary for your scenario. The select sub-command must be used before all other bgp4 commands.


Green Housing Development Guide. IxClock Chassis Timing Choices. People unfamiliar with the Ixia system should read the Theory of Operation chapter to understand how the hardware functions. Software Modules used on a Unix Client. The IxExplorer software, for example, uses its copy of IxHAL to hold configuration data until it is transferred to the hardware.

t Cl Development Guide – [PDF Document]

Organizes the APIs into related discussion groups and describes how to use them at a high level. If a new script is to be written, this should be the developmeng line of the script file.

Use, duplication, or disclosure by the U. Tcl applications use these commands to configure test parameters and then use a set option to transfer the information into IxHAL.