In the Griess reaction, first reported by Johann Peter Griess in as a method of analysis of nitrite (NO(2)(-)), nitrite reacts under acidic. The Griess reagent can be prepared in-house by purchasing and Original publication reporting use of Griess reaction, Griess Keywords: Griess Reaction, nitric oxide, NO, nitric oxide synthase, NOS, nitrite, nitrate, Griess Reaction was first described in [20,21].

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This field is required. Close You’ve successfully logged out. Help Center From managing your profile to international ordering and payment options, we’re here to help. Dispose of waste containing Griess reagent in the chemical waste containers in the Clark or Graves lab fume hoods.

Plasma Interactions at Interfaces. You’ve created a Promega. How can we help you? Original publication reporting use of Griess reaction, Griess The absorbance of the blank and sample can be measured simultaneously if using the plate reader.

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Special emphasis is given to human plasma and urine, to quantitative aspects, as well as to particular analytical and pre-analytical factors and problems that may be associated with and affect the quantitative analysis of nitrite and nitrate in these matrices by assays based on the Griess reaction. This system detects NO 2 — in a variety of biological and experimental liquid matrices such as plasma, serum, urine and tissue culture medium.

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Measure the absorbance of sample mixture and blank solutions at nm using the spectrophotometer.

Griess Reagent System Technical Bulletin

To protect your privacy, your account will be locked after 6 failed attempts. Sign in to make a comment Sign in to your personal account. This diamine is generally used in place of the simpler and cheaper alpha-naphthylamine because this latter is a potent carcinogen and moreover the diamine forms a more polar and hence a much more soluble dye in acidic aqueous medium. General Review of nitrate and nitrite measurement techniques for biological systems, Tsikas There was an issue verifying your email address.

Care should be taken when working with this reagent. You have successfully reset your password. Subtract the blank absorbance from the absorbance of the sample s. Because of the recognition of numerous interferences in the analysis of nitrite and nitrate in biological fluids and of the desire to analyze these anions simultaneously, the Griess reaction has been repeatedly modified and automated.


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When the azo dye agent N-alpha-naphthyl-ethylenediamine is added, a pink color develops.


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Griess Reagent System Protocol

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