Dei verbum en espanol – Поиск по картинкам. [RED] – безопасная поисковая система. Discuss the Faith, share your thoughts, or ask for software help. This group is your Verbum community. Visit to learn more about Verbum. From “Dei Verbum” to the Synod on the Word of God [3] The Synod of Bishops on the Word of God [4] The Prologue of John’s Gospel as a guide.

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As Saint Jerome reminds us, preaching needs to be accompanied by the witness of a good life: And when he says: Ex 15 or in sorrow at the difficulties experienced in carrying out our mission cf. Finally, I wish to emphasize the statements of the Synod Fathers about the ecumenical importance of translations of the Bible in the various languages. The Synod asked that this prayer become more widespread among the People of God, particularly the recitation of Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer.

The Synod frequently spoke of the laity and thanked them for their generous activity in spreading the Gospel in the various settings espanool daily life, at work and in the schools, in the family and in education. Such attention to the prayerful reading of Scripture must not in any way lead to vebrum dichotomy with regard to the exegetical studies which are a part of formation.

We are thus offered the merciful possibility of redemption and the start of a new life in Christ.

AAS 99 Wherever necessary, the competent offices and groups can make provision for publications aimed at bringing out the interconnection of the Lectionary readings, all of which are to be proclaimed to the liturgical assembly as called for by the liturgy of the day. I remind all Christians that our personal and communal relationship with God depends on our growing familiarity with the word of God. For this reason, the privileged place for the prayerful reading of sacred Scripture is the liturgyand particularly the Eucharistin which, as we celebrate the Body and Blood of Christ in the sacrament, the word itself is present and at work in our midst.

The word of God discloses the filial and relational nature of human existence. In this regard the Synod Fathers stated that migrants are entitled to hear the kerygmawhich is to be proposed, not imposed.

God does not reveal himself in the abstract, but by using languages, imagery and expressions that are bound to different cultures. In fidelity to the work of reconciliation accomplished by God in Jesus Christ crucified and risen, Catholics and men and women of goodwill must commit themselves to being an example of reconciliation for the building of a just and peaceful society.

Espaonl mystery of the Eucharist reveals the true manna, the true bread of heaven: Among the forms of prayer which emphasize sacred Scripture, the Liturgy of the Hours has an undoubted place. It was also moving to hear the fraternal delegates, who accepted our invitation to take espxnol in the synodal meeting.


Today it is entering a new phase due to the spread of the Gospel and its taking root within different cultures, as well as more recent developments in the culture of the West. At times these hostilities seem to take on the appearance of interreligious conflict.

Traducción de “Ecum. Vat. II, Const. Sacrosanctum Concilium, sobre” en inglés

Paul knew well that what was revealed in Christ is really salvation for all peoples, liberation from the slavery of sin in order to enjoy the freedom of the children of God. The two disciples began to look at the Scriptures in a new way in the company of this traveller who seemed so surprisingly familiar with their lives.

The documents produced before and during the Synod mentioned a number of methods for a faith-filled and fruitful approach to sacred Scripture. Down the centuries the word of God has inspired different cultures, giving rise to fundamental moral values, outstanding expressions of art and exemplary life-styles.

In short, by the work of the Holy Spirit and under the guidance of the magisterium, the Church hands on to every generation all that has been revealed in Christ. Likewise, in using the Book of Blessings attention should be paid to the space allotted to proclaiming, hearing and briefly explaining the word of God.

He was an exemplary religious, a man of prayer, humble, obliging and at the same time an ardent researcher and defender of the truth. The desire for God includes love for the word in all its dimensions: With these words, the liturgy invites us to make our own this hymn to God, creator and provideraccepting his plan into our lives.

One implies and leads to the other.

Verbum Dei – Fraternidad Católica Misionera

Deacons too must espabol themselves called to cooperate, in accordance with their specific mission, in this task of evangelization.

The study of Scripture ought to lead to an increased awareness of the mystery of divine revelation and foster an attitude of prayerful response to the Lord who speaks. In some sense the prayerful reading of the Bible, personal and communal, must always be related to the Eucharistic celebration. The Synod Fathers greatly stressed the importance of promoting a suitable knowledge of the Bible among those engaged in the area of culture, also in secularized contexts and among non-believers.

Insegnamenti V, 1 For this reason the great tradition of East and West has always esteemed works of art inspired by sacred Scripture, as for example the figurative arts and architecture, literature and music.

The first Christians saw their missionary preaching as a necessity rooted in the very nature of faith: Therefore, in continuity with the desire expressed by the previous Synod, [] I ask the competent authorities, along the lines of the Eucharistic Compendium, [] also to prepare practical publications to assist ministers in carrying out their task as best they can: When we consider the basic meaning of the verbun of God as a reference to the eternal Word of God made flesh, the one Saviour and mediator between God and humanity, [22] and we listen to this word, we are led by the biblical revelation to see that it is the foundation of all reality.


In the Church and in the world. Created in the image and likeness of the God who is love, we can thus understand ourselves only in accepting the Word and in docility to the work of the Holy Spirit. All of us recognize how much the light of Christ needs to illumine every area of human life: In fact, the newness of Christian proclamation is that we can tell all peoples: To this end the Synod urged that every household have epanol Bibleto be kept in a worthy place and used for reading and prayer.

For this reason the priest himself ought first of all to develop a great personal familiarity with the word of God. Enchiridion Vaticanum 21, No.

30Giorni | Father Ignace de la Potterie S.J. (by Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini )

Enchiridion Vaticanum 17, No. A faith-filled understanding of sacred Scripture must always refer back to the liturgyin which the word of God is celebrated as a timely rspanol living word: This will favour, in such circumstances, celebrations of the word capable of nourishing the faith of believers, while avoiding the danger of the latter being confused with celebrations of the Eucharist: The unity of the two levels at work in the interpretation of sacred Scripture presupposes, in a word, the harmony of faith and reason.

I think in particular ddi the meditation offered to us by His Holiness Bartholomaios I, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, for which the Fathers expressed deep appreciation. Code of Canons of the Eastern Churchescc. Brothers in the EpiscopateI exhort you earnestly to preserve and increase your fraternal communion, as a witness and model of the ecclesial communion which should reign in all the faithful people entrusted to your care.

Love of neighbour, rooted in the love of God, ought to see us constantly committed as individuals and as an ecclesial community, both local and universal. This is not to uphold the ecclesial context as an extrinsic dsi to which exegetes espannol submit, but rather is something demanded by the very nature of the Scriptures and the way they gradually came into being.