At first download the application form for BSNL JTO exam from this link. The application form is a part of BNSL exam notification and is. BSNL TMENT EXAM by KARNA SATISH from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping. Syllabus: Scheme and Syllabus for the Recruitment of Junior Telecom Officers ( Telecom) For Direct Recruitment of Junior Telecom Officers, an objective type.

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Please Find the List of BSNL JTO Topic Items On the left side.

Sources and effects of air pollution, monitoring of Air pollution, Noise-pollution and standards; Ecological Chain and balance, Environmental assessment. Change of Circle afterwards would not be allowed.

Properties of bdnl in terms of poles and zeros. The syllabus and standard of paper in engineering subjects will be that of Engineering Examination of an Indian University. Bar chart, linked bar chart, work break down structures, Activity-on-arrow diagrams.

Engineering Stream Section – I B. The examination will be of three hours duration with one Question Paper containing the following three sections:. Syllabus 20009 some previous paper on my id thanks.


Following section tells you that precisely.

I have not got my admit card. Questions will also be included on events and developments in Telecommunications, History of India and Geography.

Sir, I don’t get my jto admit card yet. EM Theory Electric and magnetic fields. There are 27 BSNL Territorial Telecom Circles and you need to send your completed application forms to any of these circles naturally you would choose the one nearest to you.

BSNL: 3945 JTO (Junior Telecom Officers) 2009

Insulators for electrical and electronic applications. Built up sections and frames. Please sent me my admit card. Different types and species of structural timber, density-moisture relationship, strength in different directions, defects, influence of defects on permissible stress, preservation, dry and wet rots, plywood, codal provision for design. The decision of BSNL in this regard shall be final and binding.

Silicon is not suitable for fabrication of light emitting diodes because it is – a An indirect band gap semiconductor b A direct band gap semiconductor c A wide band gap semiconductor d A narrow band gap semiconductor.

I sent my application to Lucknow up circle. Inverters; single-phase and 3-phase.

Design of members and frames. Salient-pole machine, Parallel operation.

The details of reservation position is as under: How I get that? Centrifugal pumps, performance parameters, scaling, pumps in parallel, Reciprocating pumps, air vessels, performance parameters.


If u get jti info on it, Please share.

BSNL Junior Telecoms Officer Question papers with answer free pdf

When a piece of copper and another of germanium are cooled from room temperature to K then the resistance of – a Each of them increases b Each of them decreases c Copper increases and germanium decreases d Copper decreases and germanium increases Answer: Basics of telemetry for industrial use. Switched mode power supplies.

I sent my application to Karanataka Telecom circle. Control System Mathematical modelling of physical systems. Primary and secondary treatment, detailing and maintenance of treatment units.

Electrical Circuits Circuits elements. Following blog post has been updated with a recent article titled: Modeling and performance characteristics.

Operating characteristics and performance analysis. How many questions are we supposed to do in the exam to pass the written test? Digital logic gate families, universal gates-combination circuits for arithmetic and logic operational, sequential logic circuits.